34th National Exhibition 2018

May 4 – May 25, 2018

The Next Picture Show, 113 W. First St., Dixon, Illinois

Selection & Awards Judge: 

William G. Hook  AWS, NWS, NWWS, CWA


Award Winners:

Best of Show: Denny Bond, Typewritering


Award of Excellence I: Daven Anderson, Barcelona Notes I


Award of Excellence II: Sheryl Fletcher Coon, Wait Up!


Award of Excellence III: Aneita Atwood Gates, The Dock Worker


Evelyn E. Schultz Creative Spirit Award: Eileen Sudzina, Shady Tree Street


Outstanding Figurative: Yueqi Zhang, Someone Knocked On The Door


Outstanding Landscape: Richard Price, Shore Dinner


Outstanding Abstract/Non-Representational: Christine Alfery,
Three Kui In A Pond


Director’s Choice: Matthew Bird, The Coming Winter


Charles Strissel Memorial Award: Sylvia Aruffo, Cena Con Abuela


Honorable Mention: Peter Jablokow, Lots Of Limbs, No. 2


Honorable Mention: Dan Danielson, Moona Lisa


Honorable Mention: Ann Pember, Heavenly Hibiscus


Honorable Mention: Michael Holter, Light On The Facade


Honorable Mention: Susan Keith, Fish Tales


Honorable Mention: Kelly Eddington, At The Big People Table


Honorable Mention: Thomas Herzberg,Outliers


2018 Signature Members:

Matthew Bird, Sheryl Fletcher Coon,
Gary Eckhart, Patricia Mroczka,
Kathy Los Rathburn, Patrick Sheehan,
Susan Keith




Artists Appearing in Show:

Artist Painting selected
Daven Anderson Barcelona Notes
Christine Alfery Three Kui In The Pond
Sylvia Aruffo Cena Con Abuela
Steven Bates Guardian of the Clock
Marnie Becker Chef’s Kitchen
Kate Worman Becker Haw And Gee
Denny Bond Typewritering
Mathew Bird The Coming Winter
Carol Brody Party Papers And Confetti III
Ken Call Dos Angeles
Kay Cassill In The Studio #4
Sheryl Fletcher Coon Wait Up!
Dan Danielson Moona Lisa
Janice DiGirolano Dolce Far Niente
Gary Echart Morning Mist
Kelly Edington At The Big People Table
Z Feng Red Scarf
Ryan Fox Lake Atitlan Girl-Guatemala
Anita Gates The Dock Worker
Karen Gyllin Water In A Breeze
John Herron About To Burst
Tom Herzberg Outliers
Michael Holter Light On The Facade
Carol Hubbard Liftoff
Peter Jablokow Lots Of Limbs, No. 2
Peter Jeziorski The Garden Goddess
Sara Kahn Shelter Cove Lighthouse
Susan Kieth Fish Tales
Mary Ramsey King The Little Chef
Robert Krajecki D & M Falls
Shirley Kleppe Serene Zambezi
Alexis Lavine Red Light
Terry Luc Firecracker Girl
Jerry Lewis Don’t Bother Me
Trey Alexander Martin Wishful Thinking
Debbie Megginson Backside Of The Sun
Chuck Michaels Love My Braids
Patricia Mrozcka Tangled Irises
Eileen Mueller Neill One Potato, Two Potato, More
R. Mike Nichols Illusions
Elaine Nunnally Into The Glare
Ann Pember Heavenly Hibiscus
Richard Price The Shore Dinner
Kathy Los Rathburn Chicago Blues
April Rimpo Free Living
Marcia Whitney Schenck Raining Cats and Dogs
Patti Linden Seifrid The Dance of the Pin Oak Tree
Alisa Shea The Missing Piece
Patrick Sheehan After The Storm
Carolyn Sommer Englishman Falls
Susannah Spann Mermaid of Horseshoe Cove
Brett Steinhaus Corner Diner
Jane Stoddard The Tide Is In
Eileen Sudzina Shady Tree Street
Jac Tilton Fourth Of July
Jean Weiner Let’s Go Fishing
Gary Wigman Sanfillippo Carousel
Linda Wilmes Festival Of Lanterns
Jill Witty Little Horseshoe
Yueqi Zhang Someone Knocked The Door