Marnie Becker

IWS is thrilled to present an online painting demonstration by Marie Becker. After a career in education and counseling, Marnie Becker attended courses in fundamental watercolor and figure drawing at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2008. She then studied with Ingrid Albrecht at the Palette and Chisel in Chicago and Patty Kane at the Art Center of Bonita Springs, Florida. Since 2011, Marnie has studied exclusively with Ted Nuttall, whom she gives credit for her interest and developing skill in watercolor painting and in the philosophies of all things in the art arena. Marnie Becker’s work has been featured in “Splash, Best of Watercolor 19” and “Splash, Best of Watercolor 20”, “Watercolor Artist” magazine in 2017 and “Artist” magazine in 2019.

You can see a portfolio of her work at:

Click here to see Marnie Becker’s video demonstration on YouTube:

Marnie Becker, Margaret Under Sun‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper

Marnie Becker, Dog Walkers ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 17 x 15

Marnie Becker, Jazz at the D’Orsay ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper

Marnie Becker, Communal Table ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 28 x 18

Marnie Becker, Waiting on the River Gauche‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper

Marnie Becker, Note to Self ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 16 x 14

Marnie Becker, Bistro Plein Air ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 18 x 22

Marnie Becker, Thai Women ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 21 x 21