Carl Purcell

IWS is honored to present an online painting demonstration by Carl Purcell.

After teaching at Snow College in Utah for thirty years, Carl became a popular painting and drawing workshop instructor throughout the American West and in Great Britain. He is the author of Painting With Your Artist’s Brain and Drawing With Your Artist’s Brain. In addition, his art has been featured in numerous articles and published in The Artist’s Magazine and in Splash I. He has been invited to jury exhibits in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Michigan and California.

Carl achieved signature member status in the National Watercolor Society and was given honor member status in the Utah Watercolor Society. He has won numerous awards, including a purchase award in the 2008 National Watercolor Society’s international exhibition. In 2009, Carl was chosen as one of the panel of three judges for the National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition.

While his primary medium of choice is watercolor, Carl also loves to work in oil and acrylic. Carl lives with his wife in Manti, Utah. His paintings reflect his love of nature, especially the rock canyon country of Utah.

You can see a portfolio of Carl’s work at:

Carl Purcell, Autumn Seclusion ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 11″ x 14″

Carl Purcell, Balcony View ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 20″ x 27″

Carl Purcell, Cascade Falls ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 11″ x 14″

Carl Purcell, Receding ‐ Watercolor ‐ Paper ‐ 20″ x 27″