A selection of 30 paintings from Signature members of IWS

 The Schoenherr Gallery,
North Central College
171 E. Chicago Ave. Naperville, Illinois

September 13 – November 10, 2013

Friends’ Lunch by Judy Dixon

Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

‘Northern Moon’ by Sandy Giordano

Paintings by (From L to R) Sue Hetzel, Carole Hennessy, Marnie Becker, Angelo Campagnolo.

From L to R: Paintings by Lynn Miller, Ken Call, Ingrid Albrecht, Gladys Becker, Jack Titus and Marnie Becker.

Gladys Becker with her painting ‘Mississippi Morning’

From L to R: Paintings by Arlene Martin, George Tutt and Robert Krajecki.



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