May 1 – 30

The Next Picture Show Gallery
Dixon, IL


Judge of Selection and Awards
Sandra Schaffer, NWS, WHS, TWSA



Download the IWS 2015 National awards catalog here.



Best of Show – Denny Bond



Award of Excellence I – Yueqi Zhang


Soaring Kite Watchers

Award of Excellence II – Eileen Mueller Neill


Crew Boat Captain

Award of Excellence III – Daven Anderson



Evelyn E. Schultz Creative Spirit Award – Ingrid Albrecht



Outstanding Figurative – Z. L. Feng


Kinzie Street Train Bridge

Outstanding Landscape – Peter Jablokow


Last Call Before Winter

Director’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award – Lenox Wallace


Peace of Mind

Dixon Tourism Award – Ken Call


Nudas vanitas

Gladys Becker Memorial Award – Ian Mitchell Wallace


Homeward Bound

Claire Wiest Memorial Award – Jeanne Johnson



Charles Strissel Memorial Award – Kelly Eddington


Dreaming of Butterfly

Honorable Mention – Xi Guo



Honorable Mention – Norma Herring


Far Away Islands

Honorable Mention – Konstantin Kulev


Take #18 Revisited

Honorable Mention – Robert Lee Mejer


Abandoned Nest

Honorable Mention – Steven Morris


Frozen Puddle #6

Honorable Mention – Yuri Ozaki


Subway on Mars

Honorable Mention – Brittany Thill


Patriot’s Prayer

Honorable Mention – Natalie Smythe

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