August 1 – September 30, 2020

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IWS is thrilled to have Peggy Macnamara serve as the 2020 IWS Members Show juror. Macnamara earned her MA in art history from the University of Chicago and has served as both the Artist-in-Residence at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History since 1990, and as an Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has traveled with Field Museum scientists all over the world to paint nature and illustrate conservation efforts. She has published 4 books in collaboration with museum scientists through University of Chicago Press and created two children’s books.

Juror’s Statement:

The 2020  show is  a tribute to the artists of Illinois. Five novices all produced work worthy of a prize or at least admiration. Each of the five pieces from the novices showed incredible promise. So I hope to see these artists at the next exhibit. 

I felt the flower studies were exceptionally well done. Tiger Lily TangoPurple Bearded Iris, and Stumped In Blue Gill Prairie showed watercolor at its best. The loose abstract work like Conifer has an appeal that has always brought viewers to watercolor. I think what the show exhibits is that watercolor can be used for strict realism, light abstraction, as well as inventive expression.

It was very hard to single out six pieces for the excellent awards. I had at least twelve on my list and it would have grown if I had seen the originals. One juror’s opinion is nothing more than one juror’s opinion. Although you try to remain totally unbiased, some thoughts just slip into the process. I’ve always been challenged by composition. There are rules but a good composition pulls the whole piece together without being obvious. The color, value, and shapes are just where they should be. I think a good composition signals experience and understanding of the subtleties of painting.

I’ll close with my favorite Michelangelo quote, “If people knew how hard I had to work to get my mastery,  it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”

Peggy Macnamara
IWS Members Show Juror, 2020

Award Winners

Shirley Kleppe, IWS
 – Pots and Jars, 
Not For Sale, Watercolor,
 Award of Excellence

Suzanne Hetzel, IWS – 
Abstract Floral
, 15”x22”
, $950, Watercolor
, Award of Excellence

Chuck MichaelsConcerned
, 20″x24″, $485, Watercolor, Award of Excellence

Gina Judy
Overgrowth (Weirton Steel, WV) 
Not For Sale
Award of Excellence
Gina JudyOvergrowth (Weirton Steel, WV) , 30″x22″, Not For Sale, Watercolor, Award of Excellence

Peter Jablokow, IWS – 
Metal Fishing Buoys, Lofted Islands, 
8″x11″, Not For Sale
, Watercolor, 
Award of Excellence

Sandra Cedrins
Venice, Italian Bistrot, 10″x8″, $300, Watercolor & gouache, 
Award of Excellence

Janet Cederlund – 
My Sweet Swing, 
16″x12″, Not For Sale, Watercolor
, Novice Award

Mary CunninghamLioness, 
, Not For Sale, Watercolor
, Novice Award

Tori Brovet
Prepping Salmon
, 6.75″x9.5″, Not For Sale, Watercolor
, Novice Award

Members Show Paintings

Sylvia Aruffo, IWS After the Hurricane, 21.5”x 20.5”, $500, Watercolor

Linda BarteltGreat Grandmother, 10″x12″
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Benita BrewerQueens At Play, 18″x24″, 
$900, Watercolor

Ken Call, IWSCrunch Bar, 28”x20”
, $3,500, Watercolor

Angelo Campagnolo, IWSQuarry No. 2, 30″x24″
, $800, Watercolor

Maureen CarrIris in Lincoln Park, 14″x11″
, $450, Watercolor

Kay Cassill, IWSLife – Younkers Tea Room c. 1950s, 18″x24″
, $2,000, Watercolor on yupo

Susanne Clark, IWSA Box Full of Colors, 10″x12″
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Rosemarie DagostinoFlowerbox, 10″x16″, 
$250, Watercolor

Daniel Danielson, IWSVizer and the Emperor, 20″x14″, 
Not For Sale, Watercolor

Janet Doll, IWSThree Blonds, 18″x22.5″
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Stephen EdwardsThe Master’s Bedroom, 22″x30″, 
$1,500, Watercolor

Fatima Figueiredo, IWSRemote Trail In The Morning, 15″x22″, 
$530.00, Watercolor

Carol Fink SackschewskyBird of Prey – What’s for Dinner, 13.5”x 22 .5”
, $300, Watercolor

Andrea FoxRecollections of Belgium, 22”x18”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Deborah FreerksenA Special Place, 11”’x14”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Sandy Giordano, IWSKeeper of the Keys, 16”x20”
, $400, Watercolor

David GregoryGondolier, Venice, 11”x14.5”, 
$900, Watercolor

Margi HaferAre We Done Yet?, 30″x27″
, $1,250, Watercolor

Barbara Hald – Kat’s Daffoldils, 16”x12”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Sandra Hart, IWS – 
The Strategist, 
$1,200, Watercolor

Carole Hennessy, IWS – Amber Waves, 22”x15”
, $900, Watercolor

Michael IrelandConifer, 46”x24”
, $3,800, Watercolor

Peter JeziorskiA Family Affair, 22″x28″
, $950, Watercolor

Joyce JohnAwakening, 7”x14”, 
$200, Watercolor

Laura KeyserStrawberry and Pollinator, 6″x6″
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Shefali KhannaWinter Michigan Avenue, 24”x18”
, $300, Watercolor

Bill KingKettle Korn Kouple, 20″x24″
, $450, Watercolor

Julie KlineAutumn Splendor, 10”x13”
, $250, Watercolor

Robert Koch, IWSHeat Wave, Maine, 22”x32”
, $1,200, Watercolor

Becky KraftFind the Ball..Let’s Bounce!, 26″x 22″, 
Not For Sale, Watercolor

Robert Krajecki, IWSLily, 17”x26”, 
$2,400, Watercolor

Debra LePage, IWSFlow in the Time of Corona, 10”x8”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Gerald Lewis, IWSA View From The Bridge, 16”x10.5”, 
$450, Watercolor

Mary Anne Lipousky-ButikasThe Virginia Theatre, 17”x24”, 
Not For Sale, Watercolor

Kathy ManningOn the Town, 22”x16.5”, 
$350, Watercolor

Linda MarascoCoffee Al Fresco, 22″x15″, 
$425.00, Watercolor

Rose MeierDay 37: A Toast to Joe, 6.5”x4.5”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Rita Molepske, IWSBridges, 14.5”x22”, 
$450, Acrylic

Patricia Mroczka, IWSMystical Lilly, 11”x11.5”
, $600, Watercolor

Elaine Nunnally, IWSThe Rhythm of Flowers, 15”x22”
, $800, Watercolor & acrylic ink

Cynthia O’BrienLahu Village, 11”x14”
, $250, Watercolor

Carolyn Owen SommerRoad Trip, 20”x16”, 
$400, Casein, gouache, clayboard

Robert Pennor Five pm Shuffle, 13″x19″, 
$600, Watercolor

Irene Peterson, IWSThe Last Wilderness, 30”x10”
, $300, Acrylic

Barb PlichtaA Vintage Recollection, 9″x12″
, $300, Watercolor

Megan RipkePurple Bearded Iris, 14.5″x19.5″
, $600, Watercolor

Karen Romani A Frilly Affair, 12”x9”
, $390, Watercolor

Rita RosenWinter Scene, 13″x21″
, $200, Watercolor

Tony RubbaSurf’s Edge, 9”x12”, 
$300, Watercolor

Carmelo Schifano, IWS Amore Eterno, 15”x11”
, $1,000, Watercolor

Linda SchmittTaking Off, 26″x34″
, $425, Watercolor

Dawn SchwartzThree Waterlilies, 14”x21”
, $300, Watercolor

Mary Ellen Segraves, IWSColorado Sunset, 22”x28”
, $275, Watercolor

Diane Shabino, IWSStumped in Blue Gill Park, 20.5″x 28″
, $950, Watercolor

Paula ShuckAbalone and Tuberoses, 15”x22″
, $450, Watercolor

Erik SorensenIt’s Alive, 8.5”x11”
, Not For Sale, Gouache

Scott Stoltman, IWSTiger Lily Tango, 18”x18”
, $900, Watercolor

Molly Walsh-LorenziniPaint Out, 7.5”x7″
, $50, Watercolor

Marilynn WarrenHeading Home, 11”x14”
, $100, Watercolor

Nancy Wedow, IWSTropical Morning, 10″x 4″
, $300, Watercolor

Gary WesterHarbor Evening, 13.5”x21”
, Not For Sale, Watercolor

Gary WigmanThe Torch Worker, 18″x13.5″, 
$850, Watercolor

Rebecca WilcockHomage to Turner – An English Landscape, 15″x22″, 
$175, Watercolor

Linda Wilmes, IWSCovered Bridge At Halifax, 18”x13”
, $525, Watercolor

George WeersWednesday In the Park, 19”x14.5”
, $500, Watercolor

Carole Wilson, IWSCanned Goods, 16”x10.5”, $695, Watercolor

As IWS Director, I want to thank the members for continually supporting IWS and participating in this online members show. It was not ideal situation but turned into a wonderful exhibition. I am continually awed by the artistic vision and technical skills shown by our members. This year, we restructured the awards and granted seven equal Awards of Excellence. This was also our first year of granting awards in a novice category. We felt it was important to encourage beginner painters both in their artistic endeavors and participation in IWS.

Secondly, I want to thank our juror, Peggy Macnamara for her thoughtful consideration of the entries. Due to the subtleties of tone and texture, it is not easy to judge a show of watercolor paintings in a digital format.

I also want to thank the IWS Board members. Launching this show was a team effort. Ken Call handled the online entries, Tony Armendariz managed the finances, Carole Hennessy was the liaison for our juror, Jerry Lewis documented membership renewals, Sylvia Aruffo publicized the show and entry process, Alessandra Ubezio developed the online entry form, and I built the show’s webpage and catalog. All along, Dan Danielson has been working with the OakBrook library and demo artists developing methods of continuing our meetings online.

Although we are not able to gather and enjoy each other’s company and paintings in person, I hope seeing everyone’s work will offer inspiration and encouragement. We have provided pricing information for the paintings. Please contact me at [email protected] for artist contact information.

Again, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for IWS.

Benita Brewer
IWS Director